Meeting Other Au Pairs and Your Safety

Our site may help you make more friends while staying in Australia.

Here you can find Au Pairs registered with us who you can meet socially or make contact with and share ideas and experiences.

You can see a list of Au Pairs registered with us by clicking at "Members" on the Tool bar above.

To be able to send messages to any Au Pairs you must become a member of this community.

It is FREE and safe to become a member and all you have to do is to fill up the form provided for it, but selecting the option for "Member Application" under "Members".

Your Safety

For your own safety, if you arrange to meet anyone make sure that other people, such as your host family, know where and when you are meeting.
If possible leave your host family the mobile telephone number of the person you are meeting.
Arrange to meet in a crowded public place.
Do not offer to go anywhere with the au pair/nanny in a taxi or in their car the first time you meet. Do not share any of your personal contact details such as family address and phone numbers before you get to know the person well.

We hope you have fun using this site and make friendships that will last a lifetime!

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